diaper clutch - product reveal

tadahh.....here she is. my diaper clutch. 
the clutch will be the core product in my range for mums and mums to be. 

she is a great friend for home but also on the go. always having everything handy wherever you are. she fits neatly in every baby bag but is quickly pulled out when it comes to a sometimes quickly needed nappy change... we all know these situations. 

here is a quick overview on what you can store. it really fits a lot into it. 

I made myself one when my youngest was born - now almost a year ago. since then, we always have the bag close by. having a toy to distract S from the "changing business" comes always handy. the bag seen a lot but still looks great (I will show you a picture of the prototype I made S back then... promise). 

really recently I have been invited to a baby shower and thought for ages what to bring. I decided for a baby quilt but really should have gone with a bag instead. with a blanket you just never know if they already have tons of them. and do they like your colour scheme? but this bag is just quickly filled with some useful items. grab some baby creams, nappys, wet wipes and a little toys, wrap it all up and you have a unique present for the mum to be...

the clutch is finished off with a hand stiched heart. I am just crazy about small details...

if you are wondering about the background. the bag is lying on a quilt I made for K about two years ago. my very first quilt. ever. worked out really, really nice. unfortunately just quite small. so it covers S's small cot in the living room making my sons little home more friendly and colourful!

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