project orphan pillow

Today I would like to share my Orphan Pillow with you.
It is made of quite a few of Orphan blocks plus a combination of my most favorite fabric scraps (e.g. the pink flower-cherry combo from Hilco, the grey vichy squares also from Hilco and a few Kona Cotton solids). 

I was inspired by Nicole's post about different ways using up your orphan blocks where she shown one of the most beautiful quilts I have seen in a long time... The quilt was made by the amazing Emily of Simple Girl, Simple Life. You really need have a look at it yourself. Its gorgeous! 

So I thought I should give it a go myself!
There were quite a few blocks in need for a new home - leftovers from earlier projects but never used yet. I arranged them on a pillow and it very much looked like that: 

Not very pretty, I am afraid and I was not exactly happy to be honest! The whole thing looked a bit all over the place and I couldn't imagine it would turn out nice in the end at all. But I gave it a go anyways, getting confidence after reading about Emily's journey... ;)

So and here it is.

Lotte was so kind to pose with the pillow today. Thanks.

By the way. I actually think that the back of it turned out really, really gorgeous. Even though it is pretty simple...



  1. I love how your pillow turned out. The addition of the solids really helped tie the top together. And you'll have a few of those orphan blocks left to start the next one. So far the only thing I've done with my orphan blocks was to make a few hot pads, but I love the idea of the pillow. I will definitely check out Nichole's post for more ideas.

  2. Thanks Andrea.
    And yes, should definitely head over to Nicole's and Emiliy's post- the quilt is just stunning!

  3. Your pillow(s) are great. Can't not find anything about you on your blog... Funny that you chose a German word as your blog title. Kind regards from Germany, Annett
    Feel free to visit my blog at - there is going on the Chicken Run, a pincushion giveaway/swap

    1. Zuckerkuss ist tatsächlich ein deutscher Name. Meine Tochter K gibt die besten Küsschen und die schmecken immer nach Schokolade, Gummibärchen, Pudding, Donut, Cookies,... kurz Zucker. So entstand zuckerkuss.

      Ich schaue gerne bei dir vorbei. Liebe Grüße aus GB.

  4. Hi Laura! This is very beautiful pillow! Great way to use orphan blocks.x Teje