nasnors mobile

Let me introduce you to the 'nasnors' mobile. Nasnors is a mix of Ks funny language and German Nashorn (engl. rhino).

The nasnors will be for S this year. He loves things bouncing around. So I suppose the car might be the new home for this one...

Again, I made this using felt and felt balls. So lovely to work with. Usually I am sitting on the couch in the evening with a bit of felt and stitch while we are watching box sets... Therapeutic.

I got the inspiration for my nasnors from the lovely Eva from Stierkind.

Happy Christmas crafting everyone.

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  1. Oh, how I wish I, too, enjoyed doing handwork with felt. Since I don't, I'll just have to admire your beautiful creations. : )

    1. Thanks Michelle!
      I just seen your sew together bag and really love your version of it. I would love to make one myself, but guess what?! I am not brave enough...

  2. This is so sweet... perfect for a gift for a little one.