Zany does the Aberdeen Art Gallery

First of all. I would like to say THANK YOU to you Lorna. Thanks so much for your dedication, love and passion for sewing. You are a true inspiration to me and so many quilty ladies out there. Please, know that...!

So. I made this lovely zebra called Zany today using Lornas tutorial. A few weeks ago I made a few elephants with another beautiful tutorial from Lorna, but I need to admit that the zebras totally won me over!!!

Lorna just published her tutorial a few days ago and I just couldn't resit making it straight away. Even though my WIP pile is huuuuge.

After finishing Zany up today I took her (obviously a girl, as she is so pink) to the Aberdeen Art Gallery. We had this amazing event on, Breaking the Rules. It included drawing on all walls, crafting, dancing, singing, free cake (hooray), face painting, kids crafting and so much more... So Zany got her own special place in the Art Gallery. Proud as a zebra.

I couldn't leave her though. So this is how her spot looks just now... Still need to decide how she will retire now. Maybe as a tote bag for K? Or a cushion? Maybe within a girly quilt? Hmmm. Decisions.

Doing my references today, I would like to let you know what fabrics I used for Zany. Her body is made of Kona pearl pink with Kona bubble gum stripes. Her feet are Kona coal, nose and ears are fern in pink. And for the background I used priory square by Katy Jones; I absolutely love that fabric line and I can't wait using this one again.

But here are a few more pictures of today.

All the walls looked like that. True art.

The pond was so much fun and the kids obviously loved it. Can you see the fun boats they made?

Even after we left, people still queued up to get in. Big THANK YOU to all staff in the Aberdeen Art Gallery, you been amazing!

Happy sewing everyone.

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  1. Love your zebra! What a nice thanks for Lorna!

  2. Great to see how art can be so much fun!

  3. Looks like a really fun event! So glad Zany got to go along and "hang" around (on the wall) with you for the day. The boats and pond must have been a big hit!