the bee hive - an awesome party this year

Yeahhh. Another party I joined this year is the Bee Hive organised by Alyce and Angie. I was lucky enough to get one of the last spaces in an international bee hive. Jackpot!

Our Queen Bee is the amazing Roslyn of sewdelicious. And our hive consists of mainly American, Canadian and Australian Bees. And me. Hooray! I am so, so excited about this. I even rejoined facebook for this again...

Every month one of the bees is Queen Bee of the month. She picks her favorite block and lets the others know what kind of fabrics she likes to be used. Every bee is sewing that block (hoping the Queen Bee will like it) and sends it then off to the Queen Bee.

Jennifer, this months Queen Bee, pick tic tac toe and decided for a low volume X and colouful, high saturated colours around the X.

So. For the first block (see first picture above) I picked Penelope, mini donut dot from LakeHouseDryGoods for the X, Anna Maria Horner, good folks, small gathering from free spirit (pink fabric) and Sophie by Chez Moi from Moda (blue fabric).

As my measurements were a bit all over the place, I needed to redo the block... Which didn't really matter too much as this was real good fun. So I made the block again, using the same fabrics except changing the Moda print for one of my favorite Amy Butler prints (Josephine's Bouquet, Westminster Fibers).

I got a bit carried away and sewn a mini of that block as well. I just really love that block. Actually I am already flirting with the idea of picking it myself as well when I become Queen Bee...

I really hope that Jennifer will like my blocks and I can't wait for the next Bee picking her design!

Linking up today with crazymomquilts, let's bee social, TGIFF and of course NTT.

Happy sewing everyone.


  1. Oh, la la! Those blocks are gorgeous! Love the fabrics you chose. I can see why you'd be considering this for your turn as queen.

  2. Really love this block design!

  3. The queen in my hive chose this block too. I have that same Good Folks print! It was sweet of you to share yours.

  4. Oh those are gorgeous - I'm not surprised you wanted to keep making them!!

  5. This is a cute little block. I'm always looking for something different to make signature blocks for group quilts! This is perfect.

  6. Laura, you made wonderful blocks! I love the pattern and your fabric choices!

  7. I love that tic tack toe block and all the fabrics you chose. This design has so much potential. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF.