...a wee bit delayed.

Trying to find a good excuse why I still haven't finished my first products. Let's see. Could blame it on the grandparents being around or getting K used to her new nursery. Maybe the weather?!

No. Really need to finish the first batch. Talking about batches- I was naive to think sewing in batches of 5 could save some time (thanks for that Taylor)! But in the real (sewing) world it just didn't happen. It took me exactly the same time for every step than usual but now 5 times that long...

Anyways. Getting that done now. No more excuses. Tonight I'll register for my first craft fair and that will surely end up in some needed pressure to get things done!?


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  1. Haha... Yes, procrastination gets the better of all of us!! Craft Fair sounds great, and just in time for Christmas!

    Can't wait to see some of your stuff!