Okay. Let's get serious. How do I get my products sold?!

I was thinking to join the wee local craft fair next month and Christmas time. Let's see how that goes. Therefore I need to build up some sellable stock to fill my booth.

But what will I sell? I was thinking of little products I am most comfortable with, don't cost me too much to make and people liked so far. That naturally led me to my classic cosmetic bag - plain wee bag made of laminated fabric with a zipper and some embellishments. My husband always wants me to add some lining but I am strongly against it - I am convinced it defeats the purpose of having it laminated in the first place, so leaking accidents wouldn't be a problem. Next thing, maybe an advanced wee bag made of linen, this time with lining though. Proper grown up stuff. What else?! Maybe some fabric baskets, kids bags, bunting, hair bands,... decisions, decisions.

After the kids are in bed tonight, I will produce my first samples. I will let you know how that went.


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