...survived it! All mums probably understand that. Certainly there comes a joy of dressing up the little ones and getting all excited. But there is also loads to do to make it a bit special. 

This year K was a little fairy and I thought some flowers would make her look extra cute. So I got some inspiration in the worldwideweb and made up a flower band made of lovely wool felt. I bought mine this time from the wonderful Nicole from CloudCraft. Its great to work with felt and the result really pleased me and little K.

As I am not keen on loading up pictures of my kids, I am afraid I can only show you my replacement model wearing the band. I hope it can show off the beauty of it...

Don't worry- Lotte agreed having her picture taken. K decided she would make a good model but I still think it suited her better.

Hope you also a good and not too stressful Halloween.


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