solids and pearl cotton floss - modern medallion

Yeahhhh. My Kona cotton solids and the floss arrived...

I am so, so excited. I finally gathered all the materials and supplies (including the brand new fabric basket for the handstitching tools) together to get started with the class.

The octopus print will be in the centre of the medallion. That's a definite now. Done. No more changes. But with the solids...

... I always planned to frame the octopus with Konas ochre. But I am not convinced anymore. In fact, I think I will leave out the yellows completely. So banana and ochre are out - even though they are beautiful individually. But in combination with the blues and greens?! Not convinced anymore.

New plan. I think I will use Konas sage now to frame the octopus!

For sure. That's the plan.

Happy sewing everyone.


  1. I agree that the oranges hues are beautiful on their own but don't really blend with the overall scheme. A nicely saturated yellow or citron would work instead, I think. I can't wait to see this come together =)

    1. Hi Vicky. Thanks very much.
      I just tried the saturated yellow but I am arraid it didn't really work out but I think the citron is a great idea... I might try that. Cheers!!!

  2. Beautiful solids, and I love your octopus print - so cute.